Large Black Wardrobe case, used on many, many Billy Idol tours, this thing has been all over the world...

Single sided, hinged opening, 2 drawers, locking wheels, locking latches with keys, grey velvet lining.

I believe this is from A&S cases, but its been so long we can't remember. This is far from mint... but if you'd like a piece of Steve's touring history or if you are handy & want to fix it up it still has life in it.... Steve replaced it with a larger, double sided case to hold more wardrobe, so he is making this available...

Outside has a bunch of stickers on it that Steve & Josie put on it on different tours.

This wardrobe case should write its own autobiography. What it has witnessed...we will never tell! :) (and if you're offended by nudity, don't click thru to the 2nd pic)

Will sign or personalize on request.

Pick up in North Hollywood ONLY- NO ship. Way too big & heavy to mail. I can make arrangements to schedule with the buyer to pick up.