Custom Steve Stevens Rockaway Pedal

Image of Custom Steve Stevens Rockaway Pedal


The Rockaway Archer is an overdrive EQ all in one. The Rockaway Archer was developed for legendary guitarist Steve Stevens as an all in one solution to Steve’s overdrive and EQ needs.

Rockaway Archer features:

Six band graphic EQ

Volume and gain knobs

I/O jacks at the head of the pedal

9V DC operation with standard – tip and + sleeve

Approximately 4” x 2.50” in size

The settings include Up to 18dB of cut or boost at 6 different frequencies. Each frequency is increased by pushing its corresponding slider up on the pedal or decreased by pushing them down. This also adds or decreases volume. It is a great way to hit the front end of an amp harder than a stock Archer. The Rockaway Archer has an incredible variety of sounds due to the multitude of ways the EQ section can be used!

The exclusive Steve Stevens Big Cartel version of the Archer features signature Barefoot Raygun foot-switch button as well as SS Raygun loknob. This version is unavailable elsewhere.

Will come autographed. If you would like it personalized to your name please email us via the "contact us" button with your request after placing order.